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Back in 97, during one of the most creative and prolific periods of Eagle radio, the entire staff did these badass posters. If you were ever at the studios in Las Colinas, you would have seen a lifesize version (below) hanging in the lobby along with Russ Martin-Cliffbanger, Chris Ryan- Radio Interview with a Vampire, Dangerous Darren- Night of the Living Darren, and Brad Baxter- For Your Thighs Only. If you came to Eagle events, you'd wind up getting a whole set of cards...I remember signing about 500 of these at Lollapalooza with Metallica and Soundgarden out in some field somewhere. Last year, after much searching, I found the original artist/photographer, Michael Carter, out of Deep Ellum to shoot the Tune Raider 15th Anniversary poster. His work is stellar, video production, photography...everything. Special thanks to Mike and his hot wife Shanny, for this amazing work, and many glasses of wine...mmmm good. See the poster cards on the side bar and check out his website at

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