I am a long time radio vet doing time in Dallas, you may have heard me in LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK, OKLAHOMA CITY OR JACKSONVILLE. I love rock radio and the thrill of being on air is the best high I can think of...

I have had tons of people ask..."are you the same Cindy that was on in ____ city?"  So here's a quick bio and the stations I was on, for anyone who may be curious.


I have been in radio for my entire career, although I earned a Degree in Business/Eco, I wound up on the air. College radio and a Dad in the Recording industry are probably the reasons. My first radio job only paid $8000 per year, my first rock station only paid $12,000 for Afternoon Drive. You can correctly assume that most people are not in radio for the money. Here's the roster of Rock radio stations in reverse order, from current on back....

97.1 KEGL/DALLAS, 97.1 THE EAGLE...Hard Rock, every shift
94.7 KBRU/OKC, 94.7 The Brew...Classic Rock, Afternoons
93.3 KDBN/DALLAS, THE BONE..Classic rock, Mornings
92.5 KZPS/DALLAS..Classic Rock, Middays
97.1, The Eagle, KEGL/DALLAS.. Hard Rock, Afternoons
105.5 KNAC/LOS ANGELES..Hard Rock, Music Director
95.5 KLOS/LOS ANGELES..Mainstream Rock, Nights
104.5 KFOG/SAN FRANCISCO..Classic Rock, Nights
100.5 KATT/Oklahoma City..Mainstream Rock, Afternoons
102.3 WBAB/L.I., NEW YORK..Classic Rock, Overnights
105 WXQR/JACKSONVILLE.. Hard Rock, Afternoons

Based on my experiences..here's the scorecard.
Best stations: 97.1 The Eagle and KATT
Heaviest: KNAC
Lightest: KFOG
Best Management: KATT
Longest Tenure: Eagle, 10 years
Shortest Tenure: KFOG, 6 months
Most Rewarding: KEGL, 97.1 THE EAGLE 1994-2004
Best Sales Staff: KEGL and KATT
Best Sidekick: Robert Miguel

I've had great friends at these amazing stations, and even a co-worker stalker, who ironically, I suggested to mgmt to be hired (completely insane woman).  Won't do that again.  But its been a great time, loved every minute. Thanks for hanging with me and  hope to see you soon.

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